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Erosion control blankets

BonTerra erosion control blanket made from coconut, straw fibres or blends of these natural fibres. Both upper and lower side of BonTerra coir blankets are sewn by 100% organic mesh (Jute Net and Cotton thread). Alternatively, the blankets can be stitched thread and polypropylene mesh. After the application of anti-erosion blanket of BonTerra will provide immediate protection of the soil and prevent the loss of seeds due to wind and rain erosion, and promote the establishment of vegetation. Coconut fibre absorbs and retains moisture which then enters the plant in dry periods. It also keeps moisture in the soil. Contributing, thus the development of vegetation. BonTerra erosion control blankets are attached to the ground with steel or wooden dowels.

Jute soil saver

Jute soil saver is 100% bio-degradable made out of Jute fibers which is using for grass establishment, natural re-vegetation sites, mine sites, sand hills, Coastal areas with high winds, wetlands and riparian slopes. Its loosely woven natural fiber retains moisture, enhancing seed germination while stabilizing seed and soil on slopes during heavy rains.

  • Natural revegetation sites
  • Mine Sites
  • Sandhills
  • Coastal areas with high winds
  • Wetlands and riparian slopes

Steel Sod Staples

Steel staples are typically used for securing landscape fabric especially to install the erosion control applications including Erosion control blankets, which are available in different shapes, sizes and materials

Hessian cloth

Jute hessian cloth is made out of jute fibre, 100% bio-degradable which is mainly using as a commodities packing material. Simultaneously as a backing layer to strengthen the products and as a value addition to the final product. Especially using by furniture and mattresses manufacturers, packaging industry, similarly using as an outdoor organic covering material. We are capable of supplying both lighter gsm and Heavy gsm Hessian cloths including 46 gsm , 56 gsm Jute Leno Weave Net, light version of Burlap Bags, Sand Bangs, Jute Tubes. Some of the salient features of our Hessian Cloth are;

  • High tearing strength
  • Long lasting nature
  • Resistance against shrinkage
  • 100% biodegradable